Try the Live Demo

Some quick notes about the demo:

  • The demo data will reset every hour
  • The demo application is running in a low service tier and may take a few seconds to spin up.
  • In a real deployment, subdomains can be used to resolve tenants. In the demo, tenants are switched at login with the tenant selection.
  • To see data isolation in action, try logging in as different tenant users.
  • Only the root tenant can access the tenant management area.
  • Only admin level users can access the user administration area.
  • Every tenant has a default admin:
  • The password for all users: Password123!

Thank you for your interest. You can also send a message to learn more about the boilerplate.

asp nano

Please allow 10-15 seconds for the app to boot from a cold start. Try the live demo with the links below:

React Client

Components Guide

The components folder contains the styled MUI components used in the application like buttons, avatar, popover menus, etc. These components contain custom styling, but any of the MUI components can be used from their library. Read about Mui documentation here. Using a component library can save time and provide consistency as opposed to building and styling UI components from scratch.

The form input folder contains styled variations of text input fields.

The data tables folder contains two types of tables which can used depending on the needs of the application. Both share the same styling in DataTable.styled.tsx.

The reactTable component is made with React Table, which is a popular 3rd party library for data tables. Read about React Table documentation here. This component takes a full, non-paginated list of data and manages it locally with pagination and filtering. GlobalFilter filters the react table data based on keyword input. Tenants and User Lists use this component.

The serverTable component is a custom table component. This component takes paginated lists with metadata and calls on the server for each interaction. Server-side paginated data is better suited for large data samples. The Venue List view is one area that uses this paginated table component, for example.