Try the Live Demo

Some quick notes about the demo:

  • The demo data will reset every hour
  • The demo application is running in a low service tier and may take a few seconds to spin up.
  • In a real deployment, subdomains can be used to resolve tenants. In the demo, tenants are switched at login with the tenant selection.
  • To see data isolation in action, try logging in as different tenant users.
  • Only the root tenant can access the tenant management area.
  • Only admin level users can access the user administration area.
  • Every tenant has a default admin:
  • The password for all users: Password123!

Thank you for your interest. You can also send a message to learn more about the boilerplate.

asp nano

Please allow 10-15 seconds for the app to boot from a cold start. Try the live demo with the links below:

Accelerate SaaS development with a
Multi-Tenant ASP.NET Boilerplate

A clean architecture ASP.NET 7 multi-tenant API, with React and Razor Pages UI. The ideal starter template for building SaaS, B2B, & MVPs.

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Saas user management dark theme
Edit Tenant User Dark
Tenant Management UI Dark Theme
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Login Screen Saas Dark Theme

The minimal ASP.NET boilerplate for individual developers and small teams

A simpler alternative to the ABP framework. Unopinionated and easy to adapt. Finally, a full-stack SaaS boilerplate that doesn't force you to relearn everything. ASP.NET 7
Entity Framework Entity Framework
Razor Razor
Bootstrap Bootstrap
React React
Mui Framework MUI
Typescript Typescript

Essential SaaS MVP Features

Don't start from scratch. Focus on building essential business logic instead of security, user management, and standard functionality. Jumpstart your next MVP with a modern ASP.NET 7 SaaS Boilerplate.

ASP.NET 7 API Boilerplate

This ASP.NET Core API boilerplate is built around multi-tenancy and clean architecture, with as little distraction as possible. It's well documented and easily adaptable.

Latest .NET 7 Framework

Create your next SaaS project with ASP.NET, a powerful, open-source, server-side framework. Build with a modern boilerplate that is always kept up to date.

Maintainable Codebase

Implements a layered web architecture following SOLID principles for clean separation of concerns. Built with a minimalist design philosophy well suited for small teams and individuals.

22+ API Endpoints

A complete ASP.NET Boilerplate consisting of 22 API endpoints, covering all the core functionality of a SaaS platform. Save weeks coding architecture and repetitive base features and reduce time to market
document copy

Extensive Documentation

Don't get lost with undocumented open source projects left by the wayside. Coordinate efforts with clear documentation and commented code and start writing productive code in no time.

Multi-Tenant with ASP Identity

Run a single instance of the app for multiple clients with total data isolation. Easy to follow multi-tenant SaaS architecture adaptable to your business model with no hidden abstractions or 3rd-party dependencies
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Multiple UI Projects

The full stack boilerplate includes two front end projects. Build a beautiful frontend using traditional MVC Razor pages (Bootstrap 5 theme) or a React single page application (MUI theme).

Clean Architecture

The Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate is built with scalability and maintainability in mind. The .NET API is divided into distinct layers with minimal dependencies and a complete separation between client projects and back-end API.
  • Domain, Application, Infrastructure and Presentation layers
  • Clean separation between API and client projects
  • Scalable and easy to maintain
  • Unopinionated architecture clean architecture


Build multi-tenant applications with confidence. The Nano ASP.NET implements multi-tenancy using middleware and query filters which are familiar to any .NET developer. Gain a clear understanding of tenant isolation and tailor the solution to your needs in a fraction of the time of rolling your own.
  • Single database, hybrid, and multiple database models
  • Supports all Entity Framework compatible databases
  • Control tenant isolation per entity
  • Integrated with ASP Identity
multi-tenant architecture in with identity

Application Infrastructure

The Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate includes infrastructure common to SaaS applications like sending mail, image handling, and DTO mapping. Eliminate hours configuring essential integrations.
  • ASP Identity with JWT and cookie configurations
  • Built with Entity Framework Core
  • Ardalis Specification, MailKit, Cloudinary, Automapper integrations
infrastructure clean architecture

Unlimited License

Get access to the source code and use on unlimited projects. Accounts never expire and you can download updates for life.
lifetime user licenses boilerplate

Admin UI Templates

Visual appeal sells products. Create beautiful front-ends with React or MVC Razor. Both themes contain all the elements you need to create highly functional and modern looking user interfaces.


An ample collection of prebuilt components: form input, tables, graphs, modals, etc. Built with Bootstrap (Razor) and MUI (React), all consistently styled and themed.
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App Structure

Adapting a theme and starting from scratch can be a tedious experience. Avoid spending hours constructing layouts, navigation, views, and utility code.

Light & Dark Themes

Both the React app and the Razor UI support light and dark mode, users can toggle or set in preferences

Single Page React UI

React is the most popular front-end framework with near-native performance in a browser. This standalone React project provides the core application structure with authentication, routing, models, and views. It's created with the MUI (Material UI) design framework and includes a complete set of UI components.
  • Views for login, profiles, users/tenant management, & sample CRUD
  • MUI (Material UI) design framework and UI components
  • MobX state management
  • Validation (Formik & Yup)
  • Client-side & server-side tables
  • Typescript React
  • React Router 6

MVC Razor Pages

A responsive Bootstrap 5 theme implemented as Razor Pages, made with tradition HTML, JS, CSS familiar to .NET developers. It leverages the same multi-tenant, clean-architecture .NET 7 boilerplate. Includes styling for all front-end components from tables to form input.
  • Responsive Bootstrap 5 theme
  • table components with client-side and server-side rendered examples
  • ASP Identity cookie-based security
  • Validation (JQuery unobtrusive)

Documentation and Support

Onboarding developers and making them productive is a priority. You'll find extensive documentation on this site which covers every aspect of the Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate and each update is accompanied by revised support guides.

document copy
Technical Documentation
In addition to the code being fully commented, on this site you can find setup guides and documentation, which will be regularly updated and added to.
users meeting
Complementary Onboarding Meeting
After your purchase you will receive an invitation to schedule an onboarding meeting. Complementary walkthrough and code explanations on request.
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Discord and Email Support
Also with your purchase, you will receive an invitation to a private discord channel where you can ask questions and receive help.

Development Services

Whether you need a fully blown SaaS, a web application or just a website, we can help. With years of development experience, we can help you validate your ideas and turn them into successful MVPs. Don't hesitate to reach out and provide us with the specifics.
  • Leverage our experience and build SaaS apps in a shorter time and at lower costs
  • Augment your existing team or outsource completely
  • Experience in all phases from design to development
Saas development services MVP

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