Try the Live Demo

Some quick notes about the demo:

  • The demo data will reset every hour
  • The demo application is running in a low service tier and may take a few seconds to spin up.
  • In a real deployment, subdomains can be used to resolve tenants. In the demo, tenants are switched at login with the tenant selection.
  • To see data isolation in action, try logging in as different tenant users.
  • Only the root tenant can access the tenant management area.
  • Only admin level users can access the user administration area.
  • Every tenant has a default admin:
  • The password for all users: Password123!

Thank you for your interest. You can also send a message to learn more about the boilerplate.

asp nano

Please allow 10-15 seconds for the app to boot from a cold start. Try the live demo with the links below:

The ASP.NET Boilerplate You've Been Looking For Is Here

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Full Stack

ASP.NET Web API + React & Razor UI

  • ASP .NET 7 Multi-Tenant, Clean Architecture, Web API
  • React SPA Project (Typescript)
  • React Components Collection (MUI)
  • Razor Pages Project + Custom Theme
  • Postman API Collection with 20+ Endpoints
  • Complete Documentation
  • Lifetime Access, Single Developer License - Use on Unlimited Projects
  • Complimentary Onboarding and Code Review
  • Direct Email & Discord Support

ASP.NET Web API Standalone

  • ASP .NET 7 Multi-Tenant, Clean Architecture, Web API
  • Postman API Collection with 20+ Endpoints
  • Complete Documentation
  • Lifetime Access, Single Developer License - Use on Unlimited Projects
  • Complimentary Onboarding and Code Review
  • Direct Email & Discord Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this based on the ABP Framework?

No absolutely not. The Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate is a completely separate project. While the Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate is similar on the surface, its approach is quite different underneath. By comparison, the ABP framework is ultra complex and is aimed at large corporate IT departments. ABP is highly opinionated much of the code is abstracted behind NuGet libraries. The Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate on the other hand is just straightforward unopinionated code that can be easily understood and adapted to your needs. It’s a lightweight solution best suited for small teams and individuals.

What databases are supported?

By default, the Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate uses SQL Server but can be used with any Entity Framework compatible database – MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, etc.

Can I use the code for more than one project?

You don’t have to buy a new license every time you want to use it on a new project. However, if you are purchasing the Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate for use by a team, please get in touch for a team license.

Are updates included?

Yes. After signing up for an account, you will have access to the codebase and can re-download the project or any new updates forever, and ever.

How are there multiple front-end projects?

The solution is architected into layers, the 3 common layers are Domain, Application, and Infrastructure. The 4th layer, either the React Web API or Razor App can be chosen to serve as the UI.

What kind of database architecture is used for multi-tenancy?

The Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate can use a single database for all tenants, with tenants identified by a key column, or a database per-tenant (multiple databases). Any queries on tables designated as ‘tenant isolated’ use global query filters to ensure data separation. There is no hidden reliance on NuGet packages like Finbuckle for multitenancy, it’s all there in code and easy to adapt for your needs.

Does the Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate include billing boilerplate code?

Everyone’s situation will be different. While the Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate is a great starting point for a SaaS application, it could also be used for other projects like internal business tools, or niche B2B products which may not need onboarding. For this reason, billing is not part of the scope.

What support is available after purchase?

Once you purchase the product, you will receive an invite to a private Discord for concierge onboarding. You can message on Discord any time, or via email to get help. Response time is typically less than one day.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the software being non-returnable, no refunds are available. If you have any questions or would like to see specific code samples before you purchase, please get in touch.

Does the React client use Javascript or Typescript

The React client is written entirely with Typescript.

What exactly is the Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate?

The Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate is a minimalist starter kit for building web applications. It consists of a .NET 7 Web API back-end and two options for front-end, a React SPA client, and a Razor Pages project. The full version contains both projects as well as a Postman API collection. The Standalone API does not include the Razor pages or React projects.

What is ASP.NET 7?

.NET 7 is the latest iteration of Microsoft’s framework for building web applications. It has its roots in building enterprise applications but since  2017 become an open source framework, bringing with it excellent tooling, performance, and documentation.

What is React?

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It replaces the traditional HTML, CSS, JS way of building pages and web application front-ends. The result is a much smoother experience for users and an easier to manage project for developers. React competes with several other JS libraries for building front-ends – Angular, Vue, and Blazor.

What is an MVP?

A MVP is a minimal viable product. This is the core set of features your app needs to serve a purpose.

What is multi-tenancy?

Multi-tenancy means that a single instance of the software and its supporting infrastructure serves multiple customers. Each customer shares the software application and also shares a single database. Each tenant’s data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants.

Who are you?

The Nano ASP.NET Boilerplate is maintained by RL Systems, a technology services company founded in 2017 experienced in creating niche B2B solutions in the cloud application space.