Nano ASP.NET SaaS Boilerplate
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Nano ASP.NET SaaS Boilerplate
.NET Solution
Vue UI
React UI
Razor Pages


The goal of this boilerplate is to help .NET developers hit the ground running with new ideas. This is more of a starter project than an application framework. There are no proprietary NuGet packages or conventions to follow, modify the code as needed.

.NET Solution

The .NET solution has been revised to the latest version .NET 8. Start with the .NET Solution Setup guide to learn about the back-end.

Single Page Applications – React & Vue

React and Vue are stand-alone UI projects. Follow their guides to learn about these front-end projects.

.NET Razor

The Razor pages project is part of the .NET solution and is quite similar to the WebApi project. This documentation will only focus on the differences.

Bootstrap 5 Shared Components and Styles

The Nano Boilerplate introduces an original theme which is built on top of the default Bootstrap 5 styles. The theme is responsive and contains a full range of component samples. Bootstrap is a familiar to .NET developers and is framework agnostic.

While there are many component libraries for building front-ends especially in React & Vue, none of them are universal. The theme is created with Sass which is well known, easy to modify, and provides commonality across all the UI projects.

Next Steps

The next guide will go over the basic requirements for running this project.

Version 2.0 released. Vue 3 project & Bootstrap 5 theme. Updated documentation